Based on its name, King James advertising agency creates a Bible-themed notebook for clients each year. I was tasked with creating the latest in the series of the Book of King James. 

Advertising is known for its not-so-innocent side, so I asked staff members to confess their deepest, darkest agency and advertising secrets anonymously by writing them down and popping them into a confession box. These confessions became the secrets hidden within the pages of the new notebook. When recipients open the book, the die-cut inside cover in the form of a screen mimics the idea that they have entered a confession booth. Even the agency’s name is concealed behind gilded edges.

The books were delivered as gifts to give our clients a unique and uncensored look at the rich culture of the people behind the job titles and work.

︎︎︎ Designed at King James Group
︎︎︎ The Confessions of King James won a Loerie Award (Bronze) for General Design in 2019.