TymeBank is a digital bank with no branches, aimed at 21 million unbanked/underbanked South Africans. The brief was to design a look and feel that is unusual in the visual landscape of traditional South African banks, based on the business values of simplicity, transparency, progression and potential.

I identified a symbol that represents the digital generation: a pixel. I then split the square into stripes, denoting pathways and a forward motion. These stripes became a digital 3D-rendered object, and I created a new perspective by “twisting” the pixel. This stylised pixel became the foundation for all design elements. The outlined shape became a building block to create a palette of bold bespoke patterns that brought the energy of the youth of the TymeBank audience into the identity. These patterns were used as animated graphics to engage in the digital space.

︎︎︎ Designed at King James Group︎︎︎ The TymeBank brand identity won an African Cristal Ispahan (Silver) for Brand Identity in 2019.